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About Great Lakes Ag Equipment 

Great Lakes Ag Equipment is focused on tomorrow's farmers by partnering with them in making the future of agriculture happen. Boosting long-term profitability on farms by maximizing yield potential and minimizing yield variability in a sustainable way is our solution. By offering cutting edge technology in weed control, tillage, cultivation, and tile maintenance, 
Great Lakes Ag Equipment exceeds farmers expectations of what the future should look like.  Sustainable. Successful. 
Our Company

Great Lakes Ag Equipment is a small family owned dealership located in Akron Michigan. Our focus is to help Large and Small Scale farmers manage weed control in a sustainable way. We have partnered with European Agricultural leaders like Einbock, Falc, Meneguzzo, and
Homburg Drain cleaners to bring you some of the best equipment in the industry. 

Environment & Sustainability

We work alongside some of the leading extension programs and additional organizations to bring you helpful links that point you in the right direction. No matter how big or small your farm may be, Great Lakes Ag Equipment and the Organic community are here to help you.


On top of providing Industry Leading equipment, Great Lakes Ag Equipment also provides world class support on all products to ensure confidence in the field working with our equipment.

Contact Us 
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Interested in learning more about our products? Please use our 
Contact Page To get in touch with a specialist to talk about all options on your farm. 

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