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Aerostar EXACT Tined Weeder

The Aerostar-Exact has a precise depth control tined weeder through supporting wheels in the back and the front, it is perfectly suited for blind combing. The wheels in the rear have an oscillating chassis for a perfect tracking. The sections are fixed on forks free of movement – this is important for a perfect depth control. The sections can not turn and twist (for example when driving in tractor tracks) and are running very smoothly. When the tines are adjusted so the tip is forward of the bend, the soil crust is broken up better and the plants are not dragged and pulled to the ground. With an aggressive adjustment and slightly “on-hold” positioned tines even strong soil encrustations are effectively broken without damaging the plant.

With the Aerostar-Exact you can weed row crops (like corn, soybeans, sunflower, edible beans, vegetables etc.) already in the cotyledon leaf stage (the row is just visible). This is possible because of the precise depth control and the accurate setting options of aggressiveness.

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