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Row-Guard Camera Guidance System
Mechanical weed control between the rows is always a sensitive issue:
You have to find the right mix between operating speed and distance to the row.
In order to avoid early fatigue of the tractor driver and to allow ideally that the soil profile is completely tilled. Einbock has developed the Row-Guard. The camera steering system guides row-crop cultivator with absolute precision, even at high speeds. The setting of the row configurations (row spacing, number of rows, etc.) is simply done from the tractor cab. The image is scanned to find the higher concentrations of green pixels relating to the crop rows and, using prior knowledge of the row configuration, overlay a matching grid onto the image. This information is then utilized to bring the equipment onto the exact row centers via a hydraulic side-shift. The system can be used used in various green crops, regardless of row spacing, number of rows, etc. 

Because the Row-Guard looks at multiple rows it maintains high accuracy at all times even in high weed infestations. The two lenses have a different exposure setting, thus shadows have only a minimal impact. The lower link quick couplers on the rear side of the side-shift frame simplify attachment to the row-crop cultivator. This allows the quick coupling of the side-shift frame allows to use different Row-crop cultivators with one one frame System.
Because of the narrow construction of the
Einbock-Linear-Sideshift frame, the center of gravity always remains close to the tractor creating a reduced axle load on the tractor and 
therefore reduced soil compaction. 

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