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For years of maintenance-free cleaning of drainage pipes
Homburg Drain Cleaners are economical to use, reliable and extremely robust. The simple operation ensures that you can work safely and efficiently. Homburg designs and builds Draincleaners on the basis of years of practical experience. Homburg offers you the right Drain Cleaner for every specific situation. The patented system cleans without affecting the structure of the soil or the drain.

Homburg Drain Cleaners are Safe to use on plastic or clay tiles because of there low water pressure at 35 bars (435psi). HPE hose (up to 1640 feet long) is pushed into the drain – Tile  while the unique nozzle washes and cleans the dirt or  sediment and flushed it out of the drain. Many Conventional systems are still using a pressure of around 100bars (1450psi), often damaging the structure around the tile or the tile itself. Homburg Tile Drain Cleaners prevents this from happening and keeps your tiles free from Damage.


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